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River Valley Community Bancorp

Investor Relations

River Valley Community Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of River Valley Community Bancorp. River Valley Community Bancorp's Stock Ticker Symbol is RVCB. You can view stock information at the OTC Markets -

Stock Transfer Agent


Shareholder Correspondence

P. O. 505000

Louisville, KY 40233


Overnight Correspondence

462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600

Louisville, KY 40202

For lost certificates, address changes, or retitling of stock call:

Computershare Customer Service: 1-800-368-5948
Technical Help Desk: 1-800-942-5909

Market Makers

For information regarding buying or selling our stock, please contact John M. Jelavich, President and CEO at (530) 821-2469 or email us at .

Financial News and Press Releases

04/19/2022- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2022 Financial Results
01/25/2022- IRS Form 8937 for 2021 5-for-4 Stock Split
01/18/2022- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2021 Financial Results & Opens Reno, Nevada Loan Production Office
10/19/2021- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2021 Financial Results & 5-for-4 Stock Split
07/20/2021- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2021 Financial Results
06/08/2021- RVCB Appoints Kevin Reynolds Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
04/20/2021- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2021 Financial Results
01/19/2021- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2020 Financial Results
10/20/2020- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2020 Financial Results
08/04/2020- RVCB announces opening of Marysville branch and hiring of Rosemary Daoust
07/21/2020- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2020 Financial Results
04/21/2020- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2020 Financial Results
01/21/2020- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2019 Financial Results
11/19/2019- River Valley Community Bancorp Announces Marysville Branch
10/15/2019- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2019 Financial Results
10/09/2019- RVCB Announces the Retirement of CCO Douglas R Marr and the Promotion of Lucas C Parnell
07/16/2019- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2019 Financial Results
04/24/2019- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2019 Financial Results
01/15/2019- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2018 Financial Results
01/02/2019- RVCB Appoints John M. Jelavich to Director
10/16/2018- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2018 Financial Results
07/17/2018- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2018 Financial Results
06/26/2018- RVCB Re-Hires Mike Vasquez for Temporary Assignment
06/19/2018- RVCB Announces Auburn Branch Opening
04/17/2018- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2018 Financial Results
02/06/2018- RVCB Hires Luke Parnell - SVP, Regional Lending & Credit Officer
01/17/2018- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2017 Financial Results
12/19/2017- RVCB Announces Share Repurchase Plan
10/17/2017- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2017 Financial Results
07/18/2017- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2017 Financial Results
07/14/2017- IRS Form 8937 for 2017 Bancorp Holding Company
06/30/2017- RVCB Announces Holding Company Approval
06/01/2017- RVCB Announces Change to Board of Directors
05/16/2017- RVCB Shareholder Meeting Presentation
04/18/2017- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2017 Financial Results
03/24/2017- RVCB Earns Superior Ratings
02/21/2017- RVCB to Form Bank Holding Company
01/17/2017- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2016 Financial Results
10/18/2016- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2016 Financial Results
09/28/2016- RVCB Hires Vice President/Controller
07/19/2016- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2016 Financial Results
05/17/2016- RVCB Appoints New Board Chair
04/20/2016- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2016 Financial Results
03/25/2016- RVCB Earns Superior Ratings
01/22/2016- RVCB Appoints Michael Finn Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
01/20/2016- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2015 Financial Results
12/17/2015- IRS Form 8937 for 2015 Common Stock Split
10/14/2015- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2015 Financial Results
07/14/2015- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2015 Financial Results
04/16/2015- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2015 Financial Results
02/12/2015- RVCB Promotes Vice President of Operations
01/14/2015- RVCB Releases 4th Q 2014 Financial Results
10/16/2014- RVCB Releases 3rd Q 2014 Financial Results
7/15/2014- RVCB Releases 2nd Q 2014 Financial Results
4/15/2014- RVCB Releases 1st Q 2014 Financial Result; Declares Special Cash Dividend
3/24/2014- RVCB CEO, John I. Jelavich to Retire In April
1/21/2014- River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2013 Financial Results
12/31/2013- RVCB Appoints President & Chief Operating Officer
12/23/2013- River Valley Community Bank Appoints Joe M. Griggs, Director
10/21/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2013 Financial Results
7/17/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 2nd Q 2013 Financial Results
4/12/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 1st Q 2013 Financial Results
4/9/2013-River Valley Community Bank Recognized As One Of California's Best
1/15/2013-River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2012 Financial Results
11/20/2012-River Valley Community Bank Declares Special Cash Dividend
10/10/2012 -River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2012 Financial Results
7/11/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 2nd Q 2012 Financial Results
4/16/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 1st Q 2012 Financial Results
1/17/2012 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 4th Q 2011 Financial Results
10/13/2011 - River Valley Community Bank Releases 3rd Q 2011 Financial Results